What the press says

 "Doyle on guitar has risen to a level occupied by him alone. No one in Irish traditional music is a better guitarist than him right now. His chops, always assured and adroit, have now entered a rarefied zone of inspired, instinctive, in-the-moment creativity that made me gasp in awe and for breath. In my Wall Street Journal article on him this past March, I described John as one of the world’s best acoustic guitarists. I now think that may be an understatement. In addition, his vocal delivery and his songwriting have never been more impressive, reaching an apogee in “The Arabic,” where his singing and guitar accompaniment (this is really a misnomer: his self-backing and instrumental fills and runs on guitar constituted a tour de force in and of themselves) on his own song were unforgettable. What are they putting in the potable water where John resides that has made him so mind-vaultingly good?" 
          Earle Hitchner, The Wall Street Journal and the Irish Echo (formerly)

"A complete rhythm section all on his own" Chicago Tribune 

"More talent than anybody deserves to have all to themselves" Philadelphia News 

Few rhythm guitarists demand the spotlight, but Doyle’s superpowered accompaniment in trad-music settings is a marvel.
Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers, Acoustic Guitar Magazine


What fans say

John Doyle was amazing, musical and magical tonight. He held us all in the palm of his hands and the time was far too short...
Becky Almand

It was a packed house and he was amazing - wonderful singer and picker and so enjoyable the way he weaves stories through his songs. Although all by himself, there was never a dull moment. We were delighted and felt we'd been transported to another place and time.
Barbara Panter