"Doyle on guitar has risen to a level occupied by him alone. No one in Irish traditional music is a better guitarist than him right now."

Earle Hitchener, The Wall Street Journal and The Irish Echo (formerly)

John Doyle - Long considered one of the most important guitarists in Irish and acoustic music worldwide, John is now increasingly lauded for his singing and songwriting talents.  Check out all the John Doyle news here - upcoming dates, bits of news, upcoming projects.  What's happening currently? ....JOHN IS ON TOUR THROUGH MARCH 8, 2014 WITH THE INIMITABLE MIKE MCGOLDRICK AND JOHN MCCUSKER. All shows are in the UK.  These shows are selling out quickly so if you're interested check out the Tour page or John's Facebook page for details.  Upcoming tours include:  The Teetotallers (Martin Hayes, John Doyle and Kevin Crawford) - April, 2014  Northeast US.  Also John's first entirely SOLO tour of the UK!  May 2014.  Dates coming soon!  September 2014 - Inaugural tour for The ALT - featuring John Doyle, Nuala Kennedy and Eamon O'Leary.  

Announcing new UK representation!  Frank Bechofer of the The Bechofer Agency will now be representing John Doyle in the UK.  For John Doyle inquiries, please contact:
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